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Why choose ELMP?

Our focus is on making sure we are building user friendly elearning systems that produce results. This means balancing best practices interests and objectives of business stakeholders with the content relevant and user centred approach of each learner. Our approach is to pursue a client centric and modern learning experience for learners where elearning subject matter such as video, PDF & MS Word documents, interactive forms, Podcasts and other helpful content are conveniently made accessible through a robust LMS platform to learners wherever they are found in any country through an internet connection.

Strict regulatory and compliance policies are causing organisations to rethink their learning and development processes. It now becomes essential that organisations can prove that their staff are competent after any training course takes place. To do this, "proof of learning" best practice must be in place. Our learner management platforms provide an essential audit tracking capability which proves that an individual has completed a course and electronic testing proves that they are competent in their understanding of the course content. On demand reporting is available to management on virtually any aspect of the delegates behaviour or actions.

ELearning Management Platforms offers:
  1. Learner Management Systems secure hosting on our dedicated server.
  2. Courseware design.
  3. Video animation production through our sister company - Video Varsity
  4. Learner Management Systems management and administration, which includes:
    1. Daily monitoring of the hosting network.
    2. System design including themes and layout.
    3. System maintenance.
    4. User access, functionality, authentication and enrollment.
    5. Bulk registration of staff members.
    6. Front page management.
    7. Management of user roles and permissions.
    8. Media optimisation and embedding.
    9. Managing Blocks, calendars, forums etc.
    10. Managing plugins.
    11. Configuring and managing platform backup and restores.
    12. Question design, question bank and grades management.
    13. Reporting.